If You go to Cape Town

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If you go to cape town south africa you should go to some places that i will talk about in this blog post.

Cape town is a place in south africa on the westeren cape. Cape town is none world wide for its beaches and mountins. The beaches are the most buitiful in the world they are huge and right on the indian ocean where you can go surfing and wind sufing you also go swimming or diving and lots of other stuff like get a great tan in cape town on the mountins you can go down hill mountin bikeing or go rock climbing


The Wave 9-12

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These chapters are about how the girl wants to stop the wave. The first part is how the wave is getting biger after about 2 weeks of the wave going is spred around the school and they were going to have a rally but insted of a pep rally it the wave rally. So the next day when the rally was going to star lauri had a fight with David because Lauri did not like the wave but david did and david said the reason she did not like the wave is because more kids going to that then want to be her friend. then lauri said that not true then david walked away.

After that lauri went to the room where they make the school news paper to sit there by her self. After a little bit to guys walk in and they said why arnet you at the rally she said she did not like it they we dont eaither. Now they are starting a new group that is against the wave they are going to have a meeting about it tonight at lauris house.

After school she went home and sat in her room all night long her mom tryed talking to her but she kept on saying go away. Then finaly her dad walked in and said I heared about david breaking up with you. Her dad said i thought he was a nice guy lauri said he is but not any more ever sense the wave started anyways. Then her dad said has the wave gone to far. lauris said yes.

I have a question about how the wave is getting so big and nobody is trying to stop it but then after the wave is so big 3 people try to stop i wounder if they can befor is spreds even more. Another question is who wrot the letter to lauri in the news paper room was it the Jewish boy that wrot it to her and if it was maby he did not want to join because he jewish and he knowes about what happed in germany.

Cell Phons and heath care in south africa.

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Three foundations have joined forces in an effort to provide better healthcare through the use of cell phones and computer technology. In particular. These mobile technology initiatives are aimed at improving healthcare services in developing countries.

Cell phons are currently being used for health services ranging from hiv and aids education to reminding people to get vaccinations. Last week the Rockefeller Foundation. The United Nations Foundation, and the Vodafone Foundation said that they will be encouraging such projects through the formation of the mobile health alliance The alliance. announced at the mobile world congress will facilitate projects that use mobile technology for health purposes and work with public and private groups to further these initiatives. The plan is to leverage the widespread use of mobile phones in developing countries – 64 percent of cell phone users are in the developing world

The wave 5-8

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In these chapters the class room made there group called the wave and started to expand on the group. It all started when the came into the class room one mornning and the teacher said it time to make our group name it is the wave because the wave pushes forwared and does not stop. The next day in class the students got cardes to show that they were in the wave if you had a red x on your card you were one of the bosses who got to choose ti kick people out and bring more people in. after that class the students went to luch and all sat at on table to gether and talk one girl said that she did not like it so a guy with the red x stood up and said do you want to get kick out of the wave she said no. After that all happend the next day in class more students began to join and kid from study halls and other places started going to his class after a while kids started sciping class to go to his class after that there was lots of people there.

My question are why did they call the group the wave? Another question is why would the student be so intrested in how hitler did that to the jews and other people. did they just go to skip class or are they acualy intrested in being in a group and learning about that?

Cape town and South Africa

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Over the past 2 weeks i have been doing a project in school about Cape town south africa i learned that cape town in in the westeren cape. Cape town has lots of things to do for turists like rock climbing on table mountin and down hill mountin biking. Cape town is famouse for the 23 beaches. Cape town also has lot of hotels and restronts . They have lots of fishing the because the city is right on the ocean. There are not very many lakes or rivers around there. The ocean water is not dirty the beaches are clean but there is lots of people on the beaches and in the city.

The wave chapters 1-4to

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summary for chapters 1-4. The first chapter was about the characters and what they do. It also toled the first part of the book was about this girl named Laurie Saunders and her best friend it starts when Laurie gets out of class but her best friend is still in class and Laurie goes up to her friends class room door and starts making faces at her friend the friend tries realy hard not to laugh. When her friend gets out of class they start heading to there history class. When they got there they were going to watch a video on ww2 after the video some of the class was sleeping and some were stuned by the video. The video was about hitler and what he did that was so bad. In the secound chapter they went for lunch but some of the people stayed behind to ask questions about the video after lunch the two girls went to the room where they make the school paper and talked that is the end of the chapters.

I had a couple of questions like why would the one girl make faces at the other one the one could of gotten in trouble. another question is that they should of talked more about the video because so we no more about what the video was about and so that we could no more about the story. The other question I had was why did the quarter back be dumb in school when he could get bs in class


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panda bears there habitats are Temperate Broadleaf and Mixed Forests they are about 1,600 pandas in the world right now.there location is Southwest China (Gansu, Shaanxi, and Sichuan Provinces) to the east of the Tibetan plateau.

The giant panda is universally loved,

polar bear Habitat: Arctic
Location: Arctic (northern hemisphere) there are 20-25,000 polar bears living in the wild.
Tigers Population: Only around 4,000 tigers remain in the wild

they live in India to south-eastern China and from the Russian Far East to Sumatra, Indonesia.


Whales and Dolphins
Habitat: Oceanic
 It’s illegal, but it still happens: commercial whaling
 There are over 80 species of cetaceans



Rhino Location: Southern Africa, Central Africa, Eastern Africa, Western Africa, South Asia, South East Asia

Rhinos once roamed throughout Eurasia and Africa,
Elephents Location: Africa, Asia
Turtles Six of the seven species of marine turtles are listed as Endangered or Critically Endangered. Habitat: Open water and coastal habitats

 many of there offspring die befor they get to the water

The objectives of WWF’s Global Marine Turtle Programme are to reduce:

  • the loss and degradation of critical marine turtle habitats;
  • the negative impact of bycatch on marine turtles;
  • unsustainable use and illegal trade in marine turtles and turtle products

Mokeys and gorillas Location: Africa and Asia In Africa, bonobos, eastern and western gorillas, and chimpanzees are rapidly losing much of their forest habitat

Wwf is curently working in africa they are trying to increese the population of elephents and rhinos and tigers. They are also working on the oceans to stop illegil whaling. Wwf is trying to save animals all around the world and trying to raise money for the animal so we they can help them get food and make more habitat for them.